Hailing from the City of Bristol, UK, Ghetto Viking Music & Clothing embodies the spirit of the underdog, the self-made, the independent, D.I.Y. types. The take no slight nor insult kind.
Those that go against the odds regardless, because it's a way of life.
Always looking to the horizon for new opportunity.
We are the ones willing to do more, to take risks, to be unconventional.
We are the ones that aim to bring different worlds together.

We are all about representing, unifying, and building a community, that want to do something  worthy of the history books.

Hip-Hop Heavy Metal Collective!
To have a family of like minded people unified in a brand, so no matter where you are in the world, if you see the Ghetto Viking Helmet & Bandana logo, and you have friends nearby.
With high aspirations and many goals planned, we aim to move from nothing to everything.
Who's with us?

So how'd we get the name?
In the modern era, "Ghettos" are derided, associated with bad stereotypes, home to isolated and segregated groups, and considered generally to be poor with no work ethic.
We disagree with all of those.
Originating from the Italian words of "Getto" and "Borgo/Borghetto" of which stood for "Foundry" and "Borough" respectively, we believe that those in the "Ghetto" are industrious, and the spirit they harbour, is admirable. More in line with where the name originates as opposed to what the general opinion is today.
From the bottom to the top mentality is born in such places, and history tells you enough of people showing it doesn't matter what the world perceives of you, anything is possible.
The Ghetto is the solid foundation for all innovation.

Near mythological in their status and reputation, now misrepresented in most, if not all media, and co-opted by narrow minded individuals who think it's a racial trait or something as stupid.
Originally named for any of the Scandinavian/Northern European seafaring pirates and traders who raided and settled in many parts of north-western Europe in the 8th–11th centuries, it is at its core a job title. An action.
Loosely it means, to go out into the world and find betterment, go out and get what you want to better you and yours.
Such action requires necessity, and look what happened.
We have an entire age named after it.

So with both examples given, "Ghetto Viking" is the product of the mixture of someone who, despite being at a disadvantage, will do what they must to gain a better life. It doesn't matter what hand was dealt, for we decide our course in life. 
A "Ghetto Viking" is somebody that can take the sh*t they've been dealt with, and grow a good crop from it.
So again we ask you... Who's with us?

Leading Members:

Kyle Mortiss (UK)


Thomas Arne Rørstad (UK/Norway)

”One-Eye” Sam Collins (UK)


Rachel Short (UK)

Keith “Def-KillA” Cunningham (USA)